2nd Year Date Sheet 2023 Rawalpindi Board.

BISE Rawalpindi 2nd Year date sheet 2023 has been announced and exams of 2nd Year 2023 will be held on May 2023. Also Download 2nd Year date sheet 2023 in pdf. Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year date sheet 2023 for FA / FSC / ICS part ii download in pdf. Intermediate part II date sheet for Rawalpindi Board is available hereunder. Punjab Boards has announced the date sheet of 2nd Year 2023 which will be conducted in all over Punjab and the exam of 2nd year (FA, FSC, ICS) will be started in the month of May 2023. 2nd Year date sheet Rawalpindi board download in pdf. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi FSC Part II date sheet 2023. Rawalpindi Board FSC Part 2nd date sheet 2023 download online in pdf format. Rawalpindi Board FA part II date sheet 2023 in PDF.

2nd Year FA / FSC / ICS date sheet 2023 Rawalpindi Board.

Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year date sheet 2023 is available hereunder to download in pdf. Rawalpindi Board FSC Part II, Rawalpindi Board FA Part II, Rawalpindi Board ICS Part II Exam schedule is available in this post to view online. All Board past exam papers will also be available the category of Past Papers.

Date Day Subject Paper Subject Paper
20-05-2023 Saturday Psychology Food&Nutrition(HEG) II Outlines of Home Economics N.E.W II
22-05-2023 Monday English(Comp) (1st Group) II English (Comp) (2nd Group) II
23-05-2023 Tuesday Economics N.E.W II Sociology N.E.W II
24-05-2023 Wednesday Computer Science N.E.W II Health&Physical Education N.E.W II
25-05-2023 Thursday Chemistry (1st Group) Fine Arts/N.E.W II Chemistry (2nd Group) Statistics/N.E.W II
26-05-2023 Friday Civics N.E.W II Philosophy Banking Computer Studies (Commerce Group)/N.E.W II
27-05-2023 Saturday Mathematics(1st Group) Biology(1st Group) II Mathematics(2nd Group) Biology (2nd Group) II
29-05-2023 Monday Physics(1st Group) Education (1st Group) N.E.W II Physics (2nd Group) Education (2nd Group) Commercial Geography II
30-05-2023 Tuesday History (All Options) II Geography/N.E.W II
31-05-2023 Wednesday Urdu(Comp) (1st Group) II Urdu(Comp)(2nd Group) Pakistani Culture II
01-06-2023 Thursday Islamic Studies(Elective)(1st Group) II Islamic Studies (Elective)(2nd Group) Principles of Accounting N.E.W II
02-06-2023 Friday Pakistan Studies(Comp) 1st Group II Pakistan Studies(Comp) 2nd Group II
03-06-2023 Saturday Punjabi (1st Group) Arabic II Punjabi (2nd Group) Persian,Urdu Advanced Statistics(Commerce Group) II

2nd Year date Sheet 2023 Rawalpindi Board Download in PDF Online.

Click the below given link to download the same in pdf format.

Click this link to download the 2nd Year date sheet 2023 Rawalpindi board.

2nd Year Date Sheet 2023 download in pdf
Frequently Asked Question.
  1. What are the Punjab Board 2nd Year 2023 Exams Schedule?

Ans. Detail of Punjab Board 2nd Year examination is mentioned above.

  1. What is the Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year exam 2023 schedule?

Detail exam schedule of Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year Exam 2023 is updated in this post and also available to download in pdf.

  1. What is the 2nd year date sheet 2023 Rawalpindi Board?

Ans. Rawalpindi Board 2nd year date sheet is available in this post to view online and download online.




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