Computer Past Papers.

Computer past Paper for following testing service is available in pdf and also read online. Computer Past Papers MCQs with Answers is collected from below mentioned past papers and the available computer past paper mcqs are very supportive in coming jobs which have computer portion.

  1. NTS Job Computer Past Papers with Answers.
  2. PPSC Computer Past Papers with Answers.
  3. FPSC Computer Past Papers with Answers.
  4. BPSC Computer Past Papers with answers.
  5. AJKPSC Computer Past Papers with answers.
  6. KPKPSC Computer Past Papers with answers.
  7. SPSC Computer Past Papers with answers.

Computer Important Past Paper MCQs with Answers.

Computer most repeated MCQs which are repeated in different test like Important Computer Past Paper MCQs from NTS, FPSC, PPSC, CSS, BPSC, AJKPSC, KPKPS, SPSC are available and also will be up dated regularly.

Computer Past Paper MCQS with Answer in PDF.

Computer most important and mostly repeated past MCQS paper with answers are available in this post and also click the below given link to download latest Computer Past Paper MCQs with answers in pdf. Download Computer Past paper with answers in pdf for the latest job preparation like NTS Jobs Computer MCQs, PPSC Jobs Computer MCQs, FPSC Job Computer MCQS, AJKPSC Jobs Computer MCQS, SPSC Jobs Computer MCQS, KPKPSC Computer past papers MCQs,

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.No. 1. PC is Trade name of Which company?
Ans. IBM
Q.No. 2. Laser Beam Technology is used in Which Disk?
Ans. Optical Disk.
Q.No.3. A Bit Can Be?
Ans. 1 or 0
Q.No.4. One Nibble Contain how many bit?
Ans. 4 Bits.
Q.No.5 What is name of famous Computer virus?
Ans. MyDoom and also Friday 13
Q.No.6 Fiber Optic Cable Is used for which purpose?
Ans. For Long Distance and High Quality Net.
Q.No.7. MS Power Point is a __________ Program.
Ans. Presentation Program and an Application software.
Q.No. 8. What is the example of Spreadsheet program?
Ans. MS Excel,
Q.No.9.what is the short key to change font in MS Word?
Q.No. 10 What is the short key to change font size in MS Word?
Ans. CTRL+Shift+P.
Q.No. 11. What is default font and default font size used in MS Word?
Ans. Default Font Calibri is used in MS Word and Default font size is 11pt.

Q.No.1. DNS Stand For in Computer?
Ans.Domain Name System.
Q.No.2. Definition of non volatile memory? and what are Examples of Non Volatile Memory?
Ans.Non Volatile Memory is a broad collection of technologies and devices that do not require continuous power to retain data. However Volatile memory lose data if power supply is interrupted. Example of Non Volatile Memory are ROM, Flash Memory etc.
Q.No.3. What are the examples of Volatile Memory?
Ans. Cache Memory and RAM
Q.No.4. IN laser printer the ________ transfer image to paper?
Ans. Drum
Q.NO.5. Pain program keep track of every placed ______ on the screen?
Ans. Pixel
Q.No.6. CTRL Shift and Alt are Called?
Ans. Modifier Key
Q.No.7. To send email a large group at one time ______ can be used?«
Ans. Remote Server
Q.No.8. HTML Stand for what?
Ans. Hyper Text Markup Language.
Q.No.9. To Remove Decimal in Excel we use?
Ans. CTRL+, or CTRL+. (CTRL + Comma or CTRL + Dot) to increase or decrease decimel in excel.
Q.No.10. The _________ Interface transmit one bit at a time?
Ans. Parallel
Q.No.11. To Record keystroke and series of task we use?
Ans. Key-logger
Q.No.12. What is the first part of URL?
Ans. First part of URL is HTTP.
Q.No.13. URL is stand for?
Ans. Uniform Resource Locator.
Q.No.14. In Excel three condition separated by?
Ans. IF Function with OR Logic.

Q.No.1. Which one is fatest memory? 1. Register. 2. Cache 3. RAM
Ans. Cache.
Q.No.2. What are the example of both input and output Device?
Ans. CD Writer and Sound card are both input and output Device.
Q.No.3. ROM Read Only Memory is also know as?
Ans. Firmware.
Q.No.4. Microprocessor is also called ______?
Ans. logical chip
Q.No.5. Micro Computer is also called _______?
Ans. Desktop and Personal Computer.
Q.No.6. _____Consist, store, arithmetic and logical unit and control unit?
Ans. CPU.
Q.No.7.A memory chip has how many data line?
Ans. A memory chip has 8 (eight) data line.
Q.No.8. A Memory chip has how many address line?
Ans. A memory chip has 9 (nine) address line.
Q.No.9. A memory chip can store how many bytes?
Ans. A Memory Chip can store 512 bytes.
Q.No.10. What is the meaning of Modem, Modulator or Demodulator?
Ans. A Modem, Modulator or demodulator is a computer hardware device that convert data from digital formate into suitable format for analogy transmission medium such as telephone or radio
Q.No.11. Who is father of linear programming?
Ans. B.F. Skinner.
Q.No.12. An Excel work book have how many sheet ?
Ans. 256 Sheets.
Q.No.13. An Excel work book have how many column & rows?
Ans. 65536


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