Cricket World Cup 2023 Matches Schedule

International Cricket Council has announced the World Cup Matches Schedule. India will host the Cricket world cup 2023.

First Match: ICC Cricket World Cup 1st Match will be played between England and New Zealand on Thursday 5th October 2023 at 1.30 PM in Ahmedabad Stadium.

Match No Teams Day & Date Venue Match Start Time (Local)
1st Match England V/S New Zealand Thursday 05.10.2023 Ahmedabad 1.30 PM
2nd Match Netherlands V/S Pakistan Friday, 06.10.2023 Hyderabad 1:30 PM
3rd Match Afghanistan V/S Bangladesh Saturday, 07.10.2023 Dharamsala 10:00 AM
4th Match South Africa V/S Sri Lanka Saturday, 07.10.2023 Delhi 1:30 PM
5th Match India V/S Australia Sunday, 08.10.2023 Chennai 1:30 PM
6th Match Netherlands V/S New Zealand Monday, 09.10.2023 Hyderabad 1:30 PM
7th Match Bangladesh V/S England Tuesday, 10.10.2023 Dharamsala 10:00 AM
8th Match Pakistan V/S Sri Lanka Tuesday, 10.10.2023 Hyderabad 1:30 PM
9th Match India V/S Afghanistan Wednesday, 11.10.2023 Delhi 1:30 PM
10th Match Australia V/S South Africa Thursday, 12.10.2023 Lucknow 1:30 PM
11th Match Bangladesh V/S  New Zealand Friday, 13.10.2023 Chennai 1:30 PM
12th Match India V/S Pakistan Saturday, 14.10.2023 Ahmedabad 1:30 PM
13th Match Afghanistan V/S England Sunday,15.10.2023 Delhi 1:30 PM
14th Match Australia V/S Sri Lanka Monday, 16.10.2023 Lucknow 1:30 PM
15th Match Netherlands V/S South Africa Tuesday,17.10.2023 Dharamsala 1:30 PM
16th Match New Zealand V/S Afghanistan Wednesday,18.10.2023 Chennai 1:30 PM
17th Match India V/S Bangladesh Thursday,19.10.2023 Pune 1:30 PM
18th Match Australia V/S Pakistan Friday,20.10.2023 Bengaluru 1:30 PM


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