Farha Film About Palestinian Genocide Released on Netflix. After Israel’s reaction to Urdan (Jordanian) Farha Film, the Palestinians defend the movie.

Netflix is facing criticism from Israel for airing the Farha movie. This film shows the 1948 genocide of the Palestinian people. The film shows the story of 14 Years Palestinian girl who witnesses the slaughter of her entire family, including an infant, when Isreal attacks her village.

The girl dreams of changing her village to the city to continue her education. Due to the threat of attack on the village, her father locked the girl in a small room, and within a few days, the girl’s life changed dramatically.
The film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival 2021. During the next edition of the world premiere film event, Jordan chose Farha for the best foreign film for the Oscar award.
The said movie was released on the Netflix series on First December 2022.

By Ramzi

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