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Important General Knowledge Past Papers MCQs.

Three hundred Plus most important General Knowledge Questions with answers are available below for the best preparation of exams. CSS General Knowledge Past papers with answers download in pdf.

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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked regarding General Knowledge Solved Past Papers MCQs are hereunder to view and prepare online.

Q.No.1. What is the name of Iraq Currency? Iraq ki currency ka kia name hai?

Ans. Iraqi Dinar is Iraq Currency.

Q. No.2.  What is the date of partition of Bangal? Taqseem Bangal kab hoi?

Ans. Bangal Partition date is 1905. Taqseem Bangal date is 1905.

Q.No.3. What is the Capital of China? China Capital (Darul Hakoomat) ka name kia hai?

Ans. Bejing is Capital of China.

Q.No.4. Indonesia is situated in which continent? Indonesia kis bare azam men hai?

Ans. Indonesia is located in Southern Asia

Q.No. 5. Broadway street world wide street is situated in which country and City? Dunya ki sab say Chori gali Broadway kahan waqay hai?

Ans. New York America

Q.NO. 6. What is name of Suadi Arabia Capital Name?

Ans. Suadi Arabia Capital Name is Riaz.

Q.No. 7. Alexendria is the Port of Which country? Alexendria (Askandria) Kis mulk ki bandar gah hai?

Ans. Alexendria is the port of Egypt. Askandria misar ki bandar gah hai.

Q.No. 8. When human right day is celebrated?

Ans. 10th December is celebrated as human right day.

Q.No. 9. What is the boxing day for Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and new Zealand.

Ans.December 26 is celebrated as boxing day in Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand.

Q.No. 10. What is the name of Israel Parliament?

Ans. Knesset is the Israel Parliament Name.

Q.No. 11. Where Is Masjid Aqsa is situated? Masjid Aqsa Kahan waqai hai?

General Knowledge Solved Past Papers MCQs

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. No. 1. When was the Plassey battle fought plassey battle fought between whom? Jang Plassey kab lari gai thi?

Ans. Plassey battle was fought on 23rd June 1757 and plassey battle was fought between East India Company and Nawab Siraj Ud Daulah.

Q. No. 2. Layall Pur was old name of which city of Pakistan? Lailpur kis shahr ka purana name hai?

Ans. Faisalabad Old name was Layallpur.

Q.No.3. When the First World War Was Started? Pahli jang e azadi kab lari gaye?

Ans. First World War was started On August 1914

Q.No.4. When the Shimla Conference was held? Shimla Conference kab munaqad hoa?

Ans. Shimla Conference was held on 25th June 1945.

Q.No.5. When the first constitution of Pakistan was enforced? Pakistan ka pahla aien kab nafiz hoa?

Ans. 23rd March 1956 the First Constitution of Pakistan was enforced.

Q.No.6. How many rural riasats in the time of Taqseem Hind? Taqseem Hind k waqt kitni dehi riastien then?

Ans. 625 dehi (rural) riasatien then.

Q.NO.7. When did Lord Mountbettan Was became viceroy of India? Lard Mountbatten kab india ka viceroy bna?

Ans. Lard Mountbatten was appointed viceroy of India on March 1947.

Q.No. 8. Federal Castro was remained president of which country? Federal Castro Kis mulk k sadar rhay?

Ans. Federal Castro was remained president of Cuba.

Q.N0.9. Yasir Arfat was remained the president of which country? Yasir Arfat kis Mulk k sadar rhay?

Ans. Palestine.

Q.No. 10. Which river cross the equator twice? Konsa Darya Khat Istiwa ko do dafa cross krta hai?

Ans. Congo river cross the equator twice.

Q.No. 11. First Generation of Computer was based on which technology? Computer ki pahli generation kis technology p base krta tha?

Ans. First generation of computer was bases on Vaccume Tube.

Q.No.12. Where is google head office situated? Google ka head office kahan hai?

Ans. Google Head Office is situated in California.

General Knowledge Solved Past Papers MCQs

Q.No.1. What is the Old Capital of the world? Dunya ki sab purani dar ul hakomat konsi hai?

Ans. Damascus.

Q,No.2. When and where Mahatma Gandhi was murdered? Mahatma Gandhi kab our kahan qatal hoye?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi was murdered on 30th January 1948 in New Dehli India.

Q.No.3. Which country has no written constituency? woh konsay mulk hain jinka likha hoa aien nahi hai?

Ans. United Kingdom, Israel.

Q.No.4. FIFA is stand for? FIFA is abbreviation of word? FIFA kis ka mukhafaf hai?

Ans. Federal International De Football Association.

Q.No. 5. When FIFA was started? FIFA Kab Start hoa tha?

Ans. 21st May 1904.

Q.No. 6. Ronaldo is a Football player of which country? Ronaldo ka tauluq kis Football team say hai?

Ans. Purtugal.

Q.No. 7. Massey footballer is belong to which country? Messey Footballer ka tauluq kis mulk say hai?


Q.No.8. Who was first Muslim space women? Pahli Muslim Khlabaz khatoon kon thi?

Ans. Anoushesh Ansari from Iran.

Q.No.9. what is Most speaking and old written language of world?

Ans. Chinese.

Q.No. 10. What is the name of smallest bird of the world?

Ans. Hummings.


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