Punjab Mazdoor Card.

On the Special Instruction of Chief Minister of Punjab Govt. of Punjab has decided to issue Labour Card (Mazdoor Card) for the financial stability of worker/ labour / Mazdoor in Punjab. The Punjab Mazdoor Card will grant Financial Stability / Financial Support to 11 Lac Labour of Punjab.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Uses / Benefits

14 types of facilities will be available with Punjab Mazdoor Card holder. Mazdoor Card will avail the below mentioned facilities / benefits.

  1. Student Talent Scholarship
  2. Death Grant.
  3. Marriage Grant.
  4. Compensation in case of sickness.
  5. Compensation in case of injury.
  6. Iddat Compensation.
  7. Compensation in case of Delivery.
  8. Lumsum Payment in case of disability.
  9. Pension in case of Disability.
  10. Funeral Grants / Compensation in case of death of family members.
  11. Financial Aid in case of Disability for recovery.
  12. Funeral grant in case of death of labor (Mazdoor).
  13. Family Pension.
  14. Traveling Charges.

Frequently Asked Question.

  1. How to apply online Punjab Mazdoor Card?

         Ans. Apply online through Google Play Store Pessi Cash Benefit Mobile App.

  1. How to download Punjab Mazdoor Card App.

          Ans. Download app through google play store.

  1. What is the registration code of Punjab Mazdoor Card.

              Ans. Register online through app Pessi Cash Benefit Mobile App

  1. Punjab Mazdoor Card Benefits in Urdu.

          Ans. Detail is given in below given image.

  1. How to Check Online Punjab Mazdoor Card.

           Ans. Payment of registered worker will be made through Mazdoor Card.

  1. How to Registration Online Punjab Mazdoor Card ?

         Ans. Apply online through Google Play Store Pessi Cash Benefit Mobile App.


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