Ramadan is the holy month of fasting. The Muslim world observes fasting in the holy month of Ramadan (Ramzan). After sunset, Muslim break their fast called iftar. Ramadan Karim Calander for Sehr o Iftar for Islamabad City will be available here, and also download the same in PDF form.

Islamabad city  Sehr o Iftar timing started from 23.03.2023 to 21.04.2023 is hereunder .

Sr. No Date  Sehri Time Iftar Time
1 23-Mar-23 04:44AM 06:22PM
2 24-Mar-23 04:43AM 06:23PM
3 25-Mar-23 04:41AM 06:24PM
4 26-Mar-23 04:40AM 06:24PM
5 27-Mar-23 04:38AM 06:25PM
6 28-Mar-23 04:37AM 06:26PM
7 29-Mar-23 04:35AM 06:27PM
8 30-Mar-23 04:34AM 06:27PM
9 31-Mar-23 04:32AM 06:28PM
10 1-Apr-23 04:31AM 06:29PM
11 2-Apr-23 04:29AM 06:30PM
12 3-Apr-23 04:28AM 06:30PM
13 4-Apr-23 04:26AM 06:31PM
14 5-Apr-23 04:25AM 06:32PM
15 6-Apr-23 04:23AM 06:33PM
16 7-Apr-23 04:22AM 06:33PM
17 8-Apr-23 04:20AM 06:34PM
18 9-Apr-23 04:19AM 06:35PM
19 10-Apr-23 04:17AM 06:36PM
20 11-Apr-23 04:16AM 06:36PM
21 12-Apr-23 04:14AM 06:37PM
22 13-Apr-23 04:13AM 06:38PM
23 14-Apr-23 04:11AM 06:39PM
24 15-Apr-23 04:10AM 06:39PM
25 16-Apr-23 04:08AM 06:40PM
26 17-Apr-23 04:07AM 06:41PM
27 18-Apr-23 04:05AM 06:42PM
28 19-Apr-23 04:04AM 06:42PM
29 20-Apr-23 04:02AM 06:43PM
30 21-Apr-23 04:01AM 06:44PM

However, you can download Ramzan Calander For Islamabad City in pdf by clicking the below link for the desired city. Click the name of the desired city to view the sehri o iftar time 2023.

Click Here To Download Islamabad City Ramzan Calander 2023 in PDF

Other Cities Calendar 2023.





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