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Postal Codes are used to identify the address or area where mail will be sent. There are multiple postal codes of Jhelum City. Jhelum Postal Codes/ Zip Codes of Jhelum is available hereunder to view. Postal Codes are introduced in 1959.

What is Zip Codes.

ZIP Code is Stand for Zone Improvement Plan. The Zip Codes are used in United States and Philippines. The Zip codes introduced in 1963.

Jhelum Postal Code / Zip Code List 2023.

Jhelum Postal codes / Zip Codes of Jhelum City are listed below.

Sr. NO Name of City Name of Post Office /GPO Postal Code / Zip Code
1 Jhelum Adrana Jhelum Postal Code 49304
2 Jhelum Alliance Textile Mills Jhelum Postal Code 49610
3 Jhelum Bakrala Jhelum Postal Code 49260
4 Jhelum Bangial Jhelum Postal Code 49330
5 Jhelum Bara Gran Jhelum Postal Code 49350
6 Jhelum Baragowah Jhelum Postal Code 49320
7 Jhelum Baral Colony Jhelum Postal Code 49420
8 Jhelum Bhogi Chak Jhelum Postal Code 49332
9 Jhelum Bilal Town Jhelum postal Code 49620
10 Jhelum Bishan Dore Jhelum Postal Code 49250
11 Jhelum Budhair Jhelum Postal Code 49410
12 Jhelum Chak Akka Jhelum Postal Code 49460
13 Jhelum Chak Daulat Jhelum Postal Code 49520
14 Jhelum Jhelum Chak Jani Postal Code 49102
15 Jhelum Chakri Jhelum Postal Code 49730
16 Jhelum Chotala Jhelum Postal Code 49710
17 Jhelum Dandot Railway Station Jhelum Postal Code 49064
18 Jhelum Dhaiwal Jhelum Postal Code 49200
19 Jhelum Dhariala Jalap Jhelum Postal Code 49080
20 Jhelum Dhoke Bidder Jhelum Postal Code 49720
21 Jhelum Dhudhi Thall Jhelum Postal Code 49000
22 Jhelum Dial Jhelum Postal Code 49310
23 Jhelum Dina Jhelum Postal Code 49400
24 Jhelum Diwani Hazoori Jhelum Postal Code 49240
25 Jhelum Domeli Jhelum Postal Code 49300
26 Jhelum Garh Mahal Jhelum Postal Code 49360
27 Jhelum Gharibwal Cement Jhelum Postal Code 49090
28 Jhelum Haran Pur Jhelum Postal Code 49050
29 Jhelum Jalal Pur Sharif Jhelum Postal Code 49120
30 Jhelum Jamarghal Jhelum Postal Code 49750
31 Jhelum Jammu Kashmir Muhajir Colony Jhelum Postal Code 49480
32 Jhelum Jandala Jhelum Postal Code 49340
33 Jhelum Jhelum GPO Postal Code 49600
34 Jhelum Kakrala Jhelum  Postal Code 49326
35 Jhelum Kala Jhelum  Postal Code 49500
36 Jhelum Kala Gujran Jhelum  Postal Code 49490
37 Jhelum Khalas Pur Jhelum  Postal Code 49740
38 Jhelum Khewra Jhelum  Postal Code 49060
39 Jhelum Khukha Jhelum  Postal Code 49380
40 Jhelum Kundwal Jhelum  Postal Code 49010
41 Jhelum Lehri Jhelum  Postal Code 49270
42 Jhelum Lilla Jhelum  Postal Code 49020
43 Jhelum  Maira Jhelum  Postal Code 49510
44 Jhelum Mangla Cantt Jhelum  Postal Code 49430
45 Jhelum Miani Bala Jhelum  Postal Code 49234
46 Jhelum Mughalabad Jhelum  Postal Code 49306
47 Jhelum Nagial Jhelum  Postal Code 49324
48 Jhelum Nagial Chamkown Valley Jhelum  Postal Code 49122
49 Jhelum Padhri Jhelum  Postal Code 49328
50 Jhelum Pari Darweza Jhelum  Postal Code 49210
51 Jhelum Piananwal Jhelum  Postal Code 49100
52 Jhelum Pind Dadan Khan Jhelum  Postal Code 49040
53 Jhelum Pind Rajwal Jhelum  Postal Code 49512
54 Jhelum Pindi Saidpur Jhelum  Postal Code 49110
55 Jhelum Rohtas Jhelum  Postal Code 49370
56 Jhelum Sagri Jhelum  Postal Code 49390
57 Jhelum Sanghoi Jhelum  Postal Code 49700
58 Jhelum Saroba Jhelum  Postal Code 49024
59 Jhelum Sauwal Jhelum  Postal Code 49070

Download Jhelum Postal Codes in PDF.

Jhelum Postal Codes are available to download in pdf by clicking the following link you can download the same in pdf.

Jhelum Postal Codes in PDF

Punjab All Cities List of Postal Codes

Punjab All Cities list of Postal Codes are available below.

By Clicking the Name of Your Desired You can view the complete Postal Code / Zip Code List.

  1. Bahawalnagar Postal Code / Zip Code.
  2. Faisalabad Postal Code / Zip Code.
  3. Rawalpindi Postal Code / Zip Code.
  4. Sialkot Postal Code / Zip Code.
  5. Gujrat Postal Code / Zip Code.
  6. Gujranawala Postal Code / Zip Code.
  7. Mandi Bahaudin Postal Code / Zip Code.
  8. Jehlum Postal Code / Zip Code.
  9. Chiniot Postal Code / Zip Code.
  10. Layyah Postal Code / Zip Code.
  11. Wazirabad Postal Code / Zip Code.
  12. Tallagang Postal Code / Zip Code.
  13. Murree Postal Code / Zip Code.
  14. Taunsa Postal Code / Zip Code.
  15. Kot Addu Postal Code / Zip Code.
  16. Vehari Postal Code / Zip Code.
  17. Khanewal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  18. Lodhran Postal Code / Zip Code.
  19. Bahawalpur Postal Code / Zip Code.
  20. Bahwalnagar Postal Code / Zip Code.
  21. Rahim Yar Khan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  22. D G Khan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  23. Rajanpur Postal Code / Zip Code.
  24. Muzaffargarh Postal Code / Zip Code.
  25. Multan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  26. Sargodha Postal Code / Zip Code.
  27. Sahiwal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  28. Toba Teik Singh Postal Code / Zip Code.
  29. Sheikhupura Postal Code / Zip Code.
  30. Pakpattan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  31. Narowal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  32. Educators Postal Code / Zip Code.
  33. Mianwali Postal Code / Zip Code.
  34. Bhakar Postal Code / Zip Code.
  35. Khushab Postal Code / Zip Code.
  36. Okara Postal Code / Zip Code.
  37. Jhelum Postal Code / Zip Code.
  38. Jhang Postal Code / Zip Code.
  39. Hafizabad Postal Code / Zip Code.
  40. Chakwal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  41. Attock Postal Code / Zip Code.
Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. What is the Postal of Jhelum?

Ans. Jhelum City Postal codes of Different placed are mentioned above.

Q. What is the postal Code of Adrana Jhelum?

Ans. 49304 is the Postal Code of Adrana Jhelum.

Q. What is the Postal Code of Jhelum Alliance Textile Mills?

Ans. The Postal Code of Jhelum Alliance Textile Mills Is 49610.

Q. what is the Postal Code of Jhelum Bakrala?

Ans. Jhelum Bakrala Postal Code Is 49260.

Q. What is the Jhelum Bangial Postal Code?

Ans. Jhelum Bangial Postal Code Is 49330.

Q. What is the Bara Gran Jhelum Postal Code?

Ans. Bara Gran Jhelum Postal Code is 49350.

Q. What is the Baragowah Jhelum Postal Code?

Ans. Baragowah Jhelum Postal Code is 49320.



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