Karachi City Postal Codes.

Karachi is the major city of Pakistan and Provincial Capital Of Sindh. Postal Codes or Zip codes of Karachi (Pakistan) list is available hereunder in table.  The Karachi Postal Codes / Zip Codes of Karachi are also available in pdf form.

What is Postal Codes?

Zip codes are introduced to address the desired location through codes. Zip codes are unique codes to easily address and used for sorting of mails.

What is Zip Codes.

ZIP Code is Stand for Zone Improvement Plan. The Zip Codes are used in United States and Philippines. The Zip codes introduced in 1963.

Karachi Postal Code / Zip Code List 2023.

Karachi Postal codes / Zip Codes of Karachi City are listed below.

Sr. No Name of City Name of Post Office/ GPO Postal Code
1 Karachi Defence Phase IV Karachi Postal Code (Karachi Saddar GPO Postal Code) 75560
2 Karachi Alhydri Karachi Postal Code 74700
3 Karachi Karachi City GPO Postal Code 74000
4 Karachi Karachi GPO Postal 74200
5 Karachi Karachi Sadar GPO Postal Code 74400
6 Karachi Karachi Airport Postal Code 75200
7 Karachi Karachi Board of Secondary Education  Postal COde 75990
8 Karachi Karachi Federal B Area Postal COde 75950
9 Karachi Karachi Liaqatabad Postal COde 75900
10 Karachi Karachi Manghopir  Postal COde 75890
11 Karachi  New Karachi  Postal COde 75850
12 Karachi Karachi Metroville  Postal COde 75840
13 Karachi Karachi Orangi Town Postal COde 75800
14 Karachi Karachi P.N.A.D. Postal COde 75790
15 Karachi Karachi Mauripur Ce Postal COde 75780
16 Karachi Karachi Baldia Town  Postal COde 75760
17 Karachi Karachi Mauripur Af  Postal COde 75750
18 Karachi Karachi Sher Shah Colony  Postal COde 75730
19 Karachi Karachi I.T.E Postal COde  Postal COde 75700
20 Karachi Karachi Lyari Postal COde 75660
21 Karachi Karachi Habib Bank  Postal COde 75650
22 Karachi Karachi Manora  Postal COde 75640
23 Karachi Karachi Kemari  Postal COde 75620
24 Karachi Karachi Clifton Postal COde 75600
25 Karachi Karachi Governor House Postal COde 75580
26 Karachi Karachi Defence Phase -vi Postal COde 75560
27 Karachi Karachi Nishtar Road Postal COde 75550
28 Karachi Karachi Cantt  Postal COde 75530
29 Karachi Karachi Hotel Metropole Postal COde 75520
30 Karachi Karachi J.P.M.C Postal COde 75510
31 Karachi Karachi Defence Housing Society Postal COde 75500
32 Karachi Karachi P.E.C.H.S BI-2 Postal Code 75400
33 Karachi Karachi Shahra-E-Faisal Postal Code 75350
34 Karachi Karachi New Sabzi Mandi Postal Code 75340
35 Karachi Karachi Gulzar-E-Hijri Postal Code 75330
36 Karachi Karachi Gulshan-E-Iqbal Postal Code 75300
37 Karachi Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (KP-2023) Postal Code 75290
38 Karachi Karachi Mosamiat Chowrangi Postal Code 75280
39 Karachi Karachi University Postal Code 75270
40 Karachi Karachi Gulshan-E-Jamal Postal Code 75260
41 Karachi Karachi Rafa-E-Aam Society  Postal Code 75210
42 Karachi Karachi Airport Postal Code 75200
43 Karachi Karachi Darul Uloom (KP-683) Postal Code 75180
44 Karachi Karachi Pak.Machine Tool Factory Postal Code 75030
45 Karachi Karachi Steel Mills Township Postal Code 75010
46 Karachi Karachi Pak.Steel Mills Postal Code 75000
47 Karachi  Karachi Alhydri GPO Postal Code  74700
48 Karachi Karachi Nazimabad Postal Code  74600
49 Karachi Karachi Saddar GPO Postal Code  74400
50 Karachi Karachi GPO Postal Code   74200
51 Karachi Karachi City GPO Postal Code  74000

Download Karachi Postal Codes in PDF.

Karachi Postal Codes are available to download in pdf by clicking the following link you can download the same in pdf.

Karachi Postal Codes In PDF

Punjab All Cities List of Postal Codes

Punjab All Cities list of Postal Codes are available below.

By Clicking the Name of Your Desired You can view the complete Postal Code / Zip Code List.

  1. Lahore Postal Code / Zip Code.
  2. Faisalabad Postal Code / Zip Code.
  3. Rawalpindi Postal Code / Zip Code.
  4. Sialkot Postal Code / Zip Code.
  5. Gujrat Postal Code / Zip Code.
  6. Gujranawala Postal Code / Zip Code.
  7. Mandi Bahaudin Postal Code / Zip Code.
  8. Jehlum Postal Code / Zip Code.
  9. Chiniot Postal Code / Zip Code.
  10. Layyah Postal Code / Zip Code.
  11. Wazirabad Postal Code / Zip Code.
  12. Tallagang Postal Code / Zip Code.
  13. Murree Postal Code / Zip Code.
  14. Taunsa Postal Code / Zip Code.
  15. Kot Addu Postal Code / Zip Code.
  16. Vehari Postal Code / Zip Code.
  17. Khanewal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  18. Lodhran Postal Code / Zip Code.
  19. Bahawalpur Postal Code / Zip Code.
  20. Bahwalnagar Postal Code / Zip Code.
  21. Rahim Yar Khan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  22. D G Khan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  23. Rajanpur Postal Code / Zip Code.
  24. Muzaffargarh Postal Code / Zip Code.
  25. Multan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  26. Sargodha Postal Code / Zip Code.
  27. Sahiwal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  28. Toba Teik Singh Postal Code / Zip Code.
  29. Sheikhupura Postal Code / Zip Code.
  30. Pakpattan Postal Code / Zip Code.
  31. Narowal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  32. Educators Postal Code / Zip Code.
  33. Mianwali Postal Code / Zip Code.
  34. Bhakar Postal Code / Zip Code.
  35. Khushab Postal Code / Zip Code.
  36. Okara Postal Code / Zip Code.
  37. Kasur Postal Code / Zip Code.
  38. Jhang Postal Code / Zip Code.
  39. Hafizabad Postal Code / Zip Code.
  40. Chakwal Postal Code / Zip Code.
  41. Attock Postal Code / Zip Code.
Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Wha is North Nazimabad Karachi Postal Code.

Ans. North Nazimabad Karachi Postal Code is 74700

Q. What is Postal Code Of Gulshan E Iqbal Karachi?

Ans. Gulshan E Iqbal KarachiPostal Code Is 75300.

Q. What is Postal Code of Karachi Malir?

Ans.Malir Karachi Postal Code is 75080.

Q. What is Gulistan E Johar Karachi Postal Code?

Ans. Gulistan E Johar Karachi Postal Code is 75290.

Q. What is Postal Code of Defence Karachi Postal Code?

Ans.  Defence KarachiPostal Code is 75500.

Q. What is Postal Code of Sharfabad Karachi?

Ans. Sharfabad Karachi Postal Code is 

Q. What is North Karachi Postal Code?

Ans. The North Karachi Postal Code is 75850.


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