Kohat Postal Codes / Zip Codes Complete List of Kohat.

Postal Codes and Zip Code of Kohat download in pdf complete list of all areas Postal / Zip Codes of Kohat will be provided hereunder. KPK all cities postal codes provided by post office Department are as under to view and also you can download the same list in pdf through clicking pdf link provided below.

What is Postal Code.

Postal Codes are unique number or codes (Numbers) which will be used to identify place, city and province, and also vary from country to country. The identification of areas will be easy through Zip Code or Postal Code. Kohat different areas postal codes allotted by post office Department identify the place where the dak should be delivered.

What is the Difference in Postal Code and ZIP Code

Postal Code and Zip code have same meaning, but some countries called it Postal Code and other Zip Code. However the meaning of Postal Code and Zip code are same. Postal Code and Zip code show the place, city , town, street through unique numbers. In Pakistan the Postal code will be used for purpose of delivery of dak by post office Department.

Kohat Postal Codes / Zip Codes Complete List download in pdf.

Download Kohat Postal Code / Zip code in pdf by clicking below given link.

Click Here to Download Kohat All Postal Code in pdf.

Download Complete Postal Code / Zip Code of Kohat.

Complete Postal code and zip code of Kohat KPK is available in below table. Complete Post code list of Kohat KPK download in pdf. GPO Kohat and all other postal codes complete list download in pdf and view online Kohat Postal Code alongwith all areas of Kohat and nearest areas.

Sr. No City Name of Post Office of Kohat / GPO Kohat Postal Codes / Zip Codes
1 Kohat Alizai Kohat Postal Code 26280
2 Kohat Banda Daud Shah Kohat Postal Code 26400
3 Kohat Billi Tang Kohat Postal COde 26110
4 Kohat Dagar Nari Kohat Postal Code 26410
5 Kohat Dara Adam Khel Kohat Postal Code 26100
6 Kohat Doaba Kohat Postal Code 26240
7 Kohat Gada Khel Kohat Postal Code 26352
8 Kohat Ghundi Mir Khan Kohat Postal Code 27220
9 Kohat Habib Abad Kohat Postal Code 26060
10 Kohat Hangu Kohat Postal Code 26190
11 Kohat Hangu Police Training School Kohat Postal Code 26180
12 Kohat Kahi Kohat Postal Code 26220
13 Kohat Karbogha Sharif Kotal Kohat Postal Code 26242
14 Kohat Kohat GPO Postal COde 26000
15 Kohat Kohat Board of Education Postal Code 26064
16 Kohat Kohat Cadet College Postal Code 26030
17 Kohat Kohat Gunners Line Postal Code 26050
18 Kohat Kohat J.D.M.T.Mills Postal Code 26070
19 Kohat Kohat Officers Training School Postal Code 26090
20 Kohat Kohat P.A.F. Postal Code 26080
21 Kohat Kohat Police Recruit Training Centre Postal Code 26020
22 Kohat Kohat Satellite Town Postal Code 26054
23 Kohat Lachi Kohat Postal Code 26360
24 Kohat Muhammad Zai Kohat Postal Code 26140
25 Kohat Muslimabad Kohat Postal Code 26018
26 Kohat Naryab Kohat Postal Code 26230
27 Kohat Nasrat Khel Kohat Postal Code 26160
28 Kohat Parachinar Kohat Postal Code 26300
29 Kohat Raisan Kohat Postal Code 26196
30 Kohat Sadda Kohat Postal Code 26290
31 Kohat Sarozai Kohat Postal Code 26250
32 Kohat Seni Gumbat Kohat Postal Code 26120
33 Kohat Shakar Dara Kohat Postal Code 26380
34 Kohat Sher Kot Kohat Postal Code 26014
All Cities Postal Codes / Zip Code of KPK (Khyber Pakhtoonkhah)

Click below desired city link to view the complete list in pdf.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question No.1. What is the Postal Code of Kohat?

Answers. Kohat Postal Code is 26000

Question No. 2. What is the Postal Code of Kohat GPO?

Answers. Kohat GPO Postal Code is 26000

Question No. 3. How to Download Kohat Postal Code Complete List?

Answers. Kohat Postal download in pdf by Clicking above mentioned link.


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