Literacy Coordinator Job Past Papers download in pdf.

Literacy and Non Formal Basic Education Department Jobs past papers download in pdf and read online. Past papers MCQs are helpful in Literacy Coordinator Jobs past papers for the preparation of all literacy and other education job. Literacy Job Past MCQs alongwith answers download in pdf.

PPSC Literacy Coordinator Past Paper Download in PDF.

Literacy Coordinator Jobs Past Paper
PPSC Literacy Coordinator Paper page 2

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Who is the writer of Anarkali ?
Ans Imtiaz Ali Taj.
Q.2. Cape it all mean
Ans To Finish.
Q.3. Why Partition of Bangal is occurred?
Ans. Administrative Reason.
Q.4. Pakistan Monument is Situated in which City?
Ans. Islamabad.
Q.5. Who is the founder of Microsoft?
Ans. Bill Gates.
Q.6. Who Inverted World Wide Web?
Ans. Tim Burners Lee.
Q.7. What protect earth from the ultraviolet Rays from sun?
Ans. Ozone Layer.
Q.8. Who Invented the Battery?
Ans. Allesandro Volta
Q.9. When Imran Khan inaugurate first smart forest (Jangal)?
Ans. 25.08.2021 in Sheikhupura.
Q.10. Largest Fresh water lake in Pakistan?
Ans. Manchar Lake.
Q.11. The Name of Hottest desert of the world?
Ans. Dasht e Lut Desert is the hottest desert of the world.
Q.12. Which key is used for spelling check?
Ans. F7
Q.13. Shakespeare is famous for what?
Ans. Shakespeare is famous for poet.
Q.14.Dil and Dili Marsiya is the Poetry of ?
Ans. Meer Taqi Meer poetry is called Dil and dili marsiya.
Q.15. Who is the anisiyat Writer?
Ans. Syed Masood Hassan Rizvi.
Q.16. Hali what say about Mirza Ghalib in Yadgar e Ghalib?
Ans. Hevan e Zareef.
Q.17. The Tomb of Qutb ud Din Aibak in which city?
Ans. Lahore

Q.1. When Agra Summit was Occurred?
Ans. 14.07.2001.
Q.2. Direct action day was celebrated on?
Ans. 16.08.1946
Q.3. Who is founder of Tahreek Istaqlal party?
Ans. Air Martial Asghar Khan is founder of Tahreek istaqlal in 1970.
Q.4. Neom City is located in which country?
Ans. Saudi Arabia
Q.5. Who is famous for marsiya?
Ans. Meer Anees
Q.6. Who translated the Toota Kahani in Urdu?
Ans. Haider Bakhsh Haidri
Q.7. Allama Iqbal First Teacher (Allama Iqbal Nay pahlay kis say islah li)?
Ans. Dagh Dehlvi.
Q.8. When Mushtaq Ahmad Yousafi died?
Ans. 20.06.2018
Q.9. Musadas Hali was written in the request of?
Ans. Musadas Hali was written in the request of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.
Q.10. What are the number of OIC Members Countries?
Ans. The OIC Members Countries are 57.
Q.11. When the NATTO came into existance/ NATTO created/established?
Ans. NATTO came into existance/ NATTO created/established in 1949
Q.12. Where is FIFA Headquarter in Pakistan.
Ans. FIFA Headquarter in Pakistan is situated in Lahore.
Q.13. Some Birds ____ tree.
Ans. In
Q.14. What is the purpose of 14 points of Quaid E Azam.
Ans. Safeguard the interest of Muslims.



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