NTS Past Papers with answers.

National Testing Service is conduction various test in all over Pakistan Specially in Punjab from last many years. The Old papers will help in preparation of upcoming jobs through NTS. NTS Past Papers with answers download in pdf and also read online enabling you to appear in exams which will be conducted through any testing service in all over the Pakistan.

How to Download NTS Past Papers in PDF.

National Testing Service old solved MCQs download in pdf from our website by clicking below given link. Download and read online NTS past papers for educators jobs, for literacy department jobs, Patwari jobs, Accounts and Audit jobs, Lecturer jobs, Junior Clerk and Senior Clerk Jobs, Health Department Jobs Nursing Jobs, Health Technician Jobs, Lady Health Supervisor, Lady Health Visitors Jobs and all other jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. In Which Ghazwa First time Muslim Women participated? (Kis Ghazwa Men pahli dafa Muslim Khwateen nay hisa lia?

Ans: Ghazwa Uhd.

Q. In Which Hijri Friday was declared? Pahli dafa Juma Kis Hijri ko hoa?

Ans. 1 (First) Hijri.

Q. Who accept Islam at first during fateh makkah? (Fateh Makkah k moqa per pahlay musliman honay walay mard ka name kia hai?

Ans. Abu Sufyan (R.A)

Q. In which hijri inheritence law was introduced? (Warasat ka qanoon kis hijri ko hoa?

Ans: 3 Hijri Ko

Q. When battle of Karbla Happened? (Karbla ka waqia kis hijri ko hoa?

Ans.6 Hijri Ko.

Q. Which was the first tree on earch? (Zameen per pahla drakht konsa tha?

Ans. Palm (Khajoor)

Q. When the Hijri calendar was created/introduced? (San hijri kab our kis nay mutarif kia?

Ans. San Hijri was first introduced by Hazrat Umar on 622 AD.

Q.In which hijri the cutting of thief hand was ordered? (Chor kay hath katnay ka hukum kis hirjri ko hoa?

Ans. 8 hijri ko and its called Hadde Sirqa.

Q.When the treaty of hudabiya was signed? (Sulah Hudabiya Kab Hoa?

Ans. Sulah Hudabiya (Treaty of hudabiya) was signed in 6 Hijri.

Q. when the interest was forbidden in Islam? Islam Men Sood kab hram hoi?

Ans. 9 hijri ko sood hram hoi.

Q. When prayers became obligatory. (Namaz Kab Farz Hoi?

Ans. On 27 Rajab, 10th Nabvi during the event of Miraj prayer was made obiligatory.

Q. When the Qibla was changed from Bait Ul Muqadas to Khana Kaba. (Qibla kab change hoa?

Ans. 2 Hijri.

Q. First Qibla of Islam? Musulmanun ka pahla qibla kona hai.

Ans. Bait Ul Muqadas.

Q.what is the meaning of qibla? Qibla kay meaning (Mani) kia hain?

Ans. Qibla meaning samnay.

Q. Is the bath on friday is mandatory or not? Juma ko ghusal farz hai ya sunnat?

Ans. Bath on Friday is sunnah not obligatory.

Q. Bath on Eid day is obligatory or not? (Juma ko ghusal farz hai ya sunnat?

Ans. Eid day bath is sunnah not obligatory.

Q. Eid prayer is wajib or farz? (Eid ki nmaz wajib hai ya Farz?

Ans. Eid Nmaz Wajib hai.

Q. How many Makki Surrah of Quran? Quran men makki suratun ki tadad kitni hai?

Ans. Makki Surrah are 86.

Q. How many madni surrah of Quran? Quran men madni suratun ki tadad.

Ans. Madni Surah are 28.

Q. Total Surah of Quran? Quran k kul suratun ki tadad kitni hai?

Ans. Quran ki kul 114 suraten hain.

Q. Wazoo k fraiz kitnay hain?

Ans. Wazoo k 4 farz our 13 sunnaten hain.

Q. what is the literal meaning of Tahajad (Night Prayer)? Tahajad k lafzi mani kia hain?

Ans. Nend tor ker uthna 

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