Police Department Constable Jobs Past Papers.

Past papers are very helpful for the preparation of exams for jobs in every department. Here we are providing Police Constable Jobs Solved Past Papers download in PDF. All latest past paper relating to Constable jobs past papers in Punjab Police, KPK Police, Sindh police, Balochistan Police , AJK Police, Islamabad Police Past Papers solved with answers. All the police Department Constable jobs Past papers conducted by NTS, PPSC , BPSC, SPSC, KPKPSC and AJKPSC are trying to be available and these MCQS are very important and effective to be appeared in exams of Constable Jobs in Police Department. For More questions and answers of all other department visit our website by clicking the following link.

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Constable Jobs In Police Department.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. No.1 What is the Date of Allahabad Speech. (Khutba Allah Abad Kab Diya Giya)?

Who delivered the Allahabad Speech? (Allahabad Khutba Kis nay dia?

Ans. Allahabad Address was delivered by Allama Muhammad Iqbal on 29.12.1930

Q No. 2. who establish the Tahzeeb Ul Akhlaq journal (Tahzeeb Ul Akhlaq Kon Shai Krta tha?

Ans. Tahzeeb Ul Akhlaq Journal was established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1871.

Q. No. 3. When the Sindh Treaty Agreement was occurred? Sindh Tass Muahda kab hoa?

Ans. Sindh Treaty Agreement was occurred on 19 September 1960 Between Pakistan And India.

Q.No. 4. what is the name of Economic Agreement Between Pakistan And China? (Pakistan and China K Darmiyan Muashi muahday ka kia name hai?

Ans. C Pack

Q.No.5 How many agencies in old fata? Puranay Fata men kitni agencies thien?

Ans. Seven Agencies was in old fata.

Q. No. 6. Government Letter is written in which computer programm? Sarkari Khatot Kis Computer Programe men likhay jatay hain? 

Ans. Ms Word.

Q. No. 7. How Many Bits in one Byte? Aik byte men kitnay bits hotay hain?

Ans. Eight Bits in one byte.

Q.NO. 8. When Fatah Makkah was Conquered? Fatah Makka Kab Hoa?

Ans. Fatah Makka 8th Hijri

Q.No. 9. Which amendment given Autonomy to provinces? Kis tarmem kay zariye sobon ko ikhtiarat milay?

Ans. Through 18th Amendments Autonomy was given to provinces on 19 April 2010.

Q.No. 10. Who win the first Noble Prize in Pakistan? Pakistan Men Pahla Noble Anam Kis Ko Mila?

Ans. Dr. Adbul Salam Win First Noble Prize in Pakistan.

Q.No. 11. In which Computer Programme data is calculated?

Ans. In Excel data is calculated.

Q.No. 12. How many members of United Nation?

Ans. United Nation have 193 members countries.


Q. No. 1. GPS is stand Form? GPS is abbreviation of what? GPS kis ka mukhafaf hai?

Ans. Global Positioning System.

Q.No. 2. When the Durand Line was established? Durand Line Kab Bnai Gaye?

Ans. 12th November 1983.

Q.No. 3. What is the most populated Islamic Country of the world? Sab say ziada Gunjan abad islami mulk konsa hai?

Ans. Indonesia is the most Populated Islamic Country.

Q.No. 4. What is most used source of energy in Pakistan? Pakistan men bijli peda krnay ka sab say bara zaria (Source) konsa hai?

Ans. Tharmal is the most used energy source in Pakistan.

Q. No. 5. How long is K-2 Mountain?

Ans. The length of K-2 Mountain is 8611 meter.

Q.No. 6. What is the date of Objective Resolution? When the Objective Resolution was adopted? Qarardad e Maqasad Kab manzoor hoi?

Ans. 12 March 1949

Q.No. 7. In which city of China Corona Virus was originated? Corona Virus China k kis shahr say start hoi?

Ans. Corona Virus was started in Vuhan City of China.

Q.No. 8. When the Covid-19 was started? When Did Corona Virus was started? Corona Virus Kab Start hoi?

And. Corona Virus was started from vuhan city of Chine on December 2019.

Q.No.9. Who called baba e Urdu? Baba E Urdu Kis ko kahtay thay?

Ans. Molvi Abdul Haq was called the Baba e Urdu.

Q.NO. 10. Where is Manchar Lake is situated? Manchar Lake is situated in which District? Manchar Jheel Kis Zilay men hai? 

Ans. Manchar Lake is situated in Sindh District Dadu.


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