PPSC Past Papers / PPSC Old Papers.

Punjab Public Service Commission has conduct test of recruitment in Punjab. Old Past Papers and multiple objective questions with answers for preparation of jobs will be available to download in pdf. Punjab Public Service Commission upcoming jobs advertisement, PPSC Past Paper with answers in pdf download link and also read online in rimkal.com.

How to prepare PPSC Jobs.

It is mandatory to prepare before appear in exam of jobs advertised through PPSC. For the said purpose you must read the relevant books, read online questions and answers, download past papers of ppsc, without proper knowledge it is impossible to pass the test / exams conducted by Punjab Public Service Commission.

PPSC Islamiat Past Papers with answers download in pdf.

free download the Islamic studies past ppsc paper  in pdf. Download in pdf Islamiat PPSC Old Papers for the latest jobs. PPSC islamiat Past Papers with answers are available in pdf and also read online through our website. PPSC Islamiat solved past papers download in pdf.


Frequently Asked Question

  1. No of Pillars of Islam ?Arkan e Islam Ki Taddad?

Answer. Five (Kalmah, Nmaz, Zakat, Roza, Hajj).

2. what is the Last Ghazwa of Islam? Akhri Ghazwa konsi hai?

Ans: Ghazwa Tabook

3. In which hijri Ghazwa Tabook was held? (Ghazwa Tabok Kis Hijri Ko hoa?

Ans: 9 Hijri.

4. What is First Islamic Mosque? (Pahli Islami Masjid ka name kia hai)

Ans: Masjid Quba

5.During Hijrat Makkah to Madina How Many days Prophet (PBUH) stayed at Masjid Quba? (Makkah say madina hijrat k waqt Nabi Kareem (SAW) Masjid Quba Men kitnay din qayam kia)

Ans; 14 days

6. How many takbeer’s in Funeral Prayer (Nmaz Jnaza MenKitni takberen hain?

Ans. 4

7. How many sajdas in Funeral Prayers? Nmaz Jnaza men sajdun ki tadad kitni hai?

Ans. Koi Sajdah Nhi hai.

8. Namaz Janaza is Farz E Ain or Farz Kafaya? Nmaz Jnaza Farz Ain hai ya Farz Kafaya?

Ans. Farz Kafaya.

9. Who establish Bait Ul Maal? Bait Ul Maal ki bunyad kis nay rakhi

Ans. Hazrat Umar Bin Khatab (R.A).

10. When Bait Ul maal was established? Bait Ul Maal ki bunyad Kab Rakhi Gaye Hai?

Ans. 15 Hijri Ko.

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Q. Surah Toba Men Bismillah Kitni dafa aya hai? (In which Surah of Quran Start without Bismillah)

Ans: Surah Toba men Bismillah Ni hai.

Q. Surah Namal Men Bismillah Kitni Dafa Aya Hai? (Which Surah of Quran Bismillah recite in two times)

Ans. Surah Namal men Bismillah 2 dafa aya hai.

Q. Pahla Sajda Kis Paray men Hai? (First sajdah performed In which para of Quran)

Ans. First Sajda is in 9th (Ninth) Para of Quran.

Q,Total Sajdah In Quran? Quran men Kul Kitnay Sajday Hain?

Ans. Total Sajdah in Quran 14.

Q.How many time order of Nmaz (Prayer) in Quran? (Quran Men Nmaz ka hukum kitni dafa aya hai?

Ans: More than 700 times.

Q. Which Prophet (Nabi) is Most  mentioned  in Quran? (Kis nabi ka zikar sab say ziada dafa quran men aya hai?

Ans. The name of Hazrat Musa is mentioned in Quran in 136 times.

Q. How many times the Name “Muhammad” mentioned in Quran? (Name Muhammad Kitni dafa quran men aya hai?

Ans. Name of Muhammad mentioned in Quran 4 (Four) time.

Q. How many time name of “Ahmad” Mentioned in Quran? (Name Ahmad Kitni dafa Quran men aya hai?

Ans. Name of Ahmad mentioned in Quran 1 (One) time.

Q. Who is the first Hafiz Quran? (Quran k pahlay hafiz ka name kia hai?

Ans. Hazrat Usman Bin Affan is the First Hafiz Quran.

Q.When the win is declared as Haraam? (Shrab kis hijri ko haraam qarar dia gya?

Ans. In 4 Hijri wine declared as haraam.

Q. In Which the Qurbani (Sacrifice is ordered)

Ans. Qurbani Ka hukam 2 Hijri ko hoa.

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