Punjab Educators Jobs 2023.

Govt. of the Punjab cabinet has approved the 25000 Punjab Educators Job for all Districts Of Punjab. However the District Wise and Subject wise Detail of Educators Jobs 2023 will be announced soon. As the Advertisement of Educators Job 2023 will be announced the same will be shared in this website. Download and read online the Punjab Educators Jobs 2023 Past Papers and sample Papers for the preparation of Educators Jobs 2023.

Past Papers and Sample Papers.

Past papers of Punjab Educators Jobs 2023 and sample papers for the Punjab Educators Jobs, Like SSE, ESE Science and Arts subjects.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q.1 How many time Prophet (PBUH) Performed Hajj & Umrah?

Ans. Prophet (PBUH) Performed Hajj One time in 10th Hijri and Prophet (PBUH) Performed Umrah on Four (4) times.

Q.2. What is the Zakat Ratio on Gold?

Ans. Zakat on Gold is 7.5 Tola (89 Grams).

Q.3 What is Zakat Ratio on Silver?

Ans. The Ratio of Zakat On Silver is 52.5 Tota (606 Grams)

Q. 4. How many types of Hadith (Hadees)?

Ans. Three types of Hadith (Hadees) 1. Hadith (Hadees) Qauli 2. Hadith (Hadees) Faili 3. Hadith (Hadees) Taqreri.

Q.5 What is the meaning of Hadith Qauli?

Ans. Types of Hadith (Hadees) in which saying of Prophet (BPUH) are Mentioned.

Q.6. What is meaning of Hadith (Hadees) Faili?

Ans. Hadith (Hadees) Faili is the type of Hadith (Hadees) in which the deed and lifestyle of Prophet (BPUH) are mentioned.

Q. 7. What is the meaning of Hadith (Hadees) Taqreri?

Ans. Hadith (Hadees) Taqreri is the type of Hadith (Hadees) in which silence of holy prophet is mentioned when his companion did something or said something in his presence.

Q.8. Where and when the first wahi (revelation) was revealed?

Ans. First Wahi was revealed on Hira Cave (Ghar E Hira) at age of 40 years.

Q. 9.What Propher (PBUH) said about fajar sunnat (Sunnah)?

Ans. Prophet (PBUH) said that do not omit the fajar sunnah even if you are trampled over by horses.

Q. 10. What is the age of Prophet (PBUH) when Mother of Prophet (PBUH) Bibi Amina Passed Away.

Ans. Prophet (PBUH) was 6 years old when Bibi Amina was passed away.

Q. 11. What is the title of Kaleem Ullah?

Ans. Kaleem Ullah is the title of Hazrat Musa (A.S)

Q.12. What is meaning of Saee Hajj?

Ans. Running or walking between Safa and Marwa hills is called saee.

Q.13. How many Ashra of Ramzan (Ramdan).

Ans. Three Ashra’s 1. First Ashra is Rehmat which entails Mercy of Allah (Rahmat) 2. 2nd Ashra of Ramzan is Called Forgiveness (Maghfirat). 3. Third Ashra of Ramzan is known (Safety from Hell) Jahanam say khlasi

Q. 1. Which Prayers are offered during hajj in Masque (Masjid) Nimra.

Ans. Zuhar And Asr Prayers are prayed together in Masjid (Mosque) Nimra.

Q. 2. Which Prayers are prayed in Muzdalfa in 9 Zil Hajj.

Ans. After sunset of 9 Zilhajj pilgrim move to Madina and prayer of Maghrib and Isha are prayed in Muzdalfa.

Q.3. Kissing of Hajr e aswad is called?

Ans. Kissing of Hajr e aswad is called istelam.

Q. 4. What is Hajj Quran?

Ans. Wear Ihram of Haj and Umrah together.

Q. 5. Allah Pak ki Ghalib Sift Kia Hai?

Ans. Allah Pak Ki Ghalib Sift Adl o Insaaf Hai.

Q.6. What are the first and last surrah of Quran as per revelation order? (Tarteeb e Nazool ki hisab say Quran Pak ki pahli our akhri surat)

Ans. As per revelation order First Surah is Alaq And Last Surah is Surah Toba.

Q. What is first Darsgah of Islam? (Islam ki pahli darsgah ka name kia hai?

Ans. First Darsgah of Islam is Masjid Nabvi.

Q. What is the name of camel used Prophet (PBUH) during Hijrat to madina.

Ans. Qaswa Camel.

Q. What is the first constitution of Islam?

Ans. Mesq e Madina is the first constitution of Islam. 

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