Zoology Lecturer KPPSC Past Paper Download in PDF.

Zoology Lecturer KPPSC Past Paper Download in PDF.

KPPSC Zoology Lecturer Past Download in PDF

KPPSC Zoology Lecturer Past Download in PDF Page 1.

Q.1. what are the animal called that absorb heat from their surroundings?
A. Heterotherms B. Homeotherms C. Ectotherms D. Endotherms
Q. 2. Results of Multiple result supports a series of a hypothesis known as?
A. Theory B. Deductions C. Scientific Law D. Data.
Q.3. Why do ground squirreirs move to burrow in midday?
A. Heat B. Wind C. Light D. Cold.
Q.4. A Cup Shaped Swelling in each nephron is referred to as?
A. Pelvis B. Bowman’s Capsule C.Urethra D. Glomerolus
Q. 5. Asexual reproduction produces genetically identical copies of organism called?
A. Cloning B. Biological Control C. Mitosis D. Replication.
Q. 6. In Which Metabolic disease the formalities of kidney stones take place?
A. Hypertonic B. Hypermegnsia C. Hypertension D. Hypercalcemia
Q. 7. Compare and contrast a human somatic cell to a human gamete?
A. Somatic cells have 46 chromosomes and are diploid, whereas gametes have half as many chromosomes as found in somatic cells.
B. Somatic Cells have 23 chromosomes and are diploid whereas, gametes have half as many chromosomes are present in somatic cells.
C. Somatic cells have 46 chromosomes and are haploid whereas, gametes have 23 chromosomes and are diploid.
Q .8. Chromosomes are thousands of times longer than a typical cell, explain how chromosomes can fit inside a eukaryotic nucleus?
A. The genetic material remains distributed in the nucleus mitochondria and chloroplast.
B. The genome is presented in a looped Structure thus if fits the size of the nucleus.
C. The DNA remains coded around proteins to form nucleosomes.
D. The Genetic Material remains bound to the nuclear envelop forming invaginatios.

KPPSC Zoology Lecturer Past Download in PDF Page 2.

KPPSC Zoology Lecturer Past Download in PDF-2

Q.9. Name the Processes that eukaryotic cell division and binary fission have in common?

  1. DNA Duplication Division of cell Organelle
  2. DNA Duplication, Segregation of duplicated chromosomes, and Division of the cytoplasmic contents
  3. Formation of a Septum, DNA duplication, Division of the cytoplasmic Contents
  4. Segregation of Duplicated Chromosomes, formation of a Septum, Division cell Organelle

Question No. 10. What is the reason for studying mitochondrial genomics that is most directly important for humans?

  1. Mitochondria evolved from bacteria, therefore there genome is important to study.
  2. Mitochondria undergo rapid mutation and it is essential that this pattern be studied.
  3. Mitochondria Contains DNA, and it passed on from mother to offspring, which renders it helpful in tracing genealogy.
  4. Mitochondria are the only ATP producing organelles of the cell thus their genomes is important.

Q.11. The Molecules of special interest to molecular evolutionists are?

  1. Nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) & Proteins
  2. DNA and Metabolites     
  3. DNA and Carbohydrates      
  4. RNA and Metabolites.

Q.12. Typically Spiders blood is blue due to presence of ______________?

  1. Haemoglobin
  2. Hemmertherin
  3. Heamocyanin      
  4. None of these.

Question No. 13. Which is the largest cell in the human body?

  1. Macrophage
  2. Ovum      
  3. Granule Cell      
  4. None of these.

Question No. 14. Which among the following is a diploblastic organism?

  1. Hydra
  2. Crabs    
  3. Squid       
  4. Earthworm


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